Welcome, Parents and Students!

I am thrilled to partner with you in learning and growing this school year. William Butler Yates once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” I pray that during this school year, we will not only fill our minds and hearts with knowledge, but also light a fire within to increase in wisdom, exceed expectations, and love learning everyday.

Our class website is designed to provide quick links, resources, and information to assist you in excelling in class. Stay current with due dates and tests by viewing our classroom calendar and writing these events in the printable monthly and weekly planner.

Details regarding important projects and deadlines for MS English and EN 201 will be posted here. All assignments and projects must be submitted at the beginning of class or will be considered late. Students who miss a class hour should check the Missed Work page for classwork they need to make up.

North Valley Baptist Schools also has an Amazon Idea Lists available for parents and students. Click on the following links to view our class’ lists — Performing Arts, MS English, EN 201, Spanish.

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